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Extend Assessments for Only One Student.

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Posted: 09 Feb, 2009
by: Diomede S.
Updated: 18 Oct, 2011
by: Diomede S.
To extend a quiz for one student rather than the whole class, follow this procedure.

1. Go to the Build tab in your blackboard course (This should be the course that houses the quiz you want to extend).
2. Click the Assessments link on the left.
3. Click Create Assessment.
4. Fill out the required information. Here's the catch. There is an option that allows you to "Select this as a Quiz" and under template, select based on existing assessment. Remember, we are in effect making a copy of the assessment you want to extend.
5. Click Save.
6. Click the Assessment link on the left side again.
7. Find the "New" assessment you just created.  It will look like the older one, so be careful. The old one is still in your system.
8. Click on the action menu, which is the down arrow with three lines underneath. There you will find the "Edit Properties" link and select it.
9. Set your new settings. Click Save. (This is where you would set the time for that one particular student to take the quiz.)
10. Click on Assessments on the left hand menu again and find the assessment you just created. We're now going to go through the process of linking this quiz with your student so that only that one student can see it.
11. Click on that Assessment's action menu and click on the Set Release Criteria link.
12. Click on Member Criteria and select your student. You can select multiple students if needed. Click Save.
13. Now this quiz will only appear for that student you selected in step 12.
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